Pandora: devlog #3

It has been a long time since my last devlog. I have been quite busy prototyping the game and got quite a bit of work done: all the basic game systems like camera, movement, saving and so on were done quite quickly and easily. So I thought to myself: “Nice, this is easier than I thought!”. Little did I know how wrong I was…

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Pandora: devlog #2

This post will be a bit shorter than the last, but hopefully much more interesting. I have started blackboxing the game! The idea is to quickly prototype basic systems of the game: movement and pathing, AI, saving and loading player progress and even stuff like sound effects and how the UI will display all relevant information.

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Pandora: devlog #1

Welcome to the first blog in a (hopefully) long series of posts about my progress in developing “Pandora“, an action adventure game. In this post I will mainly talk about my vision for the project: how the game should look like, what features I want to include and what won’t definitely make it into the final product.

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Goals and challenges in 2021

I always had a passion for making computer games – its one of my main hobbies besides cycling and reading books. Last year I released a sequel to my old game – Cubiscape 2 – on Steam and Google Play and it was met with quite a positive response. Seeing that I decided to make yet another game. But this time my approach will be slightly different. To make it a bit more interesting and engaging I have decided to make it a challenge. To really push myself so I can see what I’m capable of.

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