Fragments of a Mind: devlog #5

I have realized that its almost end of May and there is still no new devlog! I have been really busy the last couple of weeks so this post will be much shorter but hopefully still interesting – there is a lot of news!

First of all, the game has a final name! You probably guessed that from the title of this post but to repeat: the game is now called “Fragments Of A Mind”. Personally I like it quite a lot and not just because the short form “FOAM” sounds nicely 😉

Second of all, the game has a Steam page now! Check it out here. Some of the artworks there are not yet final and the description needs some work but all in all I think its fine for now.

And finally the most important thing – there will be a playtest via Steam in a few days! Register on the Steam page above if you didn’t do that already and you will be able to try the game for a couple of weeks!

Thats all for now. See you next month with a more development focused update.

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