Goals and challenges in 2021

I always had a passion for making computer games – its one of my main hobbies besides cycling and reading books. Last year I released a sequel to my old game – Cubiscape 2 – on Steam and Google Play and it was met with quite a positive response. Seeing that I decided to make yet another game. But this time my approach will be slightly different. To make it a bit more interesting and engaging I have decided to make it a challenge. To really push myself so I can see what I’m capable of.

Now before I get into the details let me say that the main goal of all this is not to make money. Or rather, its not the main goal – making a bit of money will definitely be a nice bonus. But I consider this a hobby and I want to have fun doing it. And if it does not go well or if it starts to feel like a job I want to be able to just quit and move on to something else.

That being said there are a couple of things I would like to achieve. So without further ado, here are my goals for this new project:

  1. action/adventure game for PC
  2. high quality graphics in 3d
  3. release it by the end of the year on Steam
  4. write a devlog with at least one post a month
  5. learn new stuff doing it

I know these goals are a bit vague so let me comment on each one a bit to explain further.

Goal 1: action/adventure game for PC

This one is mostly about pushing me out of my comfort zone. So far I made 3 games and each one was intended for mobile (the last one came out on Steam too but that was a decision made pretty late in the development cycle so it did not influence the game much).

Goal 2: high quality graphics

Probably the most difficult goal. I know very little about how to make good looking games – lighting, shadows, postprocessing, animations… i have basic knowledge in all these areas at best. Furthermore I will definitely have to hire someone to make graphic assets or buy some on the internet (more on that bellow).

Goal 3: release it by the end of the year on Steam

Pretty straighforward. Every project needs some deadline.

Goal 4: write a devlog with at least one post a month

Never did this, so why not this time?

Goal 5: learn new stuff doing it

Learning something new is never bad 😉

So there you have it. Only last thing remains: since i mentioned buying graphical assets for the game I need to set some budget. I don’t want to spend too much money on this, but on the other hand I do want to make something good. After thinking about this I decided I should treat it as a regular hobby – some people go bowling, some play MMO’s or tennis. All these things cost money.

For me about 50 euro/month sounds reasonable. That makes 600 Euro for the whole year. Likely enough to buy decent assets but not too much to destroy the family budget 🙂

In my next post (hopefully next weekend) I will reveal a bit about the game itself. Don’t expect screenshots though (well maybe some very early blackboxing prototype if i get enough free time)! And before i wrap this up let me share the last important thing. Project name! I don’t have a final name yet, but my working title is “Pandora”. Make of it what you will 😉

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