Finishing a project

Have you ever started a project that you were really excited about, but then never finished it? Maybe you hit an obstacle that you were not able to overcome, had more important things to attend to or you simply got bored by it and moved on to something else. This happens to me all too often so I’m happy that I managed to finally finish my latest project (Cubiscape).

It took me over four months from the first time I came up with the idea to actually releasing a complete game on Google Play. I had a few weeks during those four months where I did barely anything – I was too busy at work. And of course there were moments where I almost gave up. Looking back at how the game shaped up to what it is now, there were a few things that I would like to point out:

  • it took me only about two weeks to create basic gameplay, menu’s and a few levels
  • more than 2 months was spent on polishing the game, fixing bugs and creating all the content (relevant: 90-90 rule)
  • correctly handling touchscreen input on phones/tablets is not as easy as it sounds 🙂
  • UI is hard

The first few weeks on the project I was having tons of fun. Figuring out how to do certain things in a language I barely knew (C#) in an environment completely foreign to me (Unity3D) was like exploring an exotic land. I learned a lot of stuff and deepened my understanding of others. But after that? Things got rough. Since I’m just a beginner with Unity3d there were many mistakes in my project. I spent countless evenings just fixing bugs and playing the game over and over to the point where I didn’t enjoy it anymore.

Making the game in Unity3D
Making the game in Unity3D

And then it got worse – I decided that it should be a real game instead of just a hobby project. Which meant creating actual content – interesting puzzles with many new features to make them challenging, sound effects and so on. Were it not for my wife’s support I doubt the game would exist today. Also Christmas came which meant a bit more free time – most levels were designed during the holidays!

In the end I managed to finish it and you can play it now. Tell me what you think! I plan to write a few blog posts about the inner workings of the game – the challenges I faced and how I solved them. If you are interested in that kind of stuff, stay tuned!

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